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Wetting agent suppliers

Wetting Agent is a non iconic surfactant with an ethylene oxide condensate of nonyl phenol. It is a non-toxic soil conditioning solution with lasting. It is designed to increase the beneficial effects of water. They allow water to penetrate deeper, thus retaining moisture closer to the root system. It can be mixed with herbicides, fungicides or fertilizers to increase their beneficial effects. Anand Agro Care is leading in Wetting Agent suppliers & manufacturers in Nashik, India.Wetting agent is a chemical that is used in increasing the spreading of the penetrating agents of liquid and lower the surface tension. We are a renowned Wetting Agent Supplier in Nashik that fulfills the requirements of our clients across India. Our products are original and reliable with years of assurance to our clients.Contact us: - 0253 262 1664 / 9168915664