Demodex & Honey

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70 days ago


Maybe you have heard about the therapeutic potential of honey in skin disorders. Many people who have not got enough results from medications try honey masks. 🙂Honey can neutralize the inflammatory substances secreted by Demodex; additionally, it kills microorganisms released from these insects' bodies. Demodex mites that move on the surface get stuck in honey and get killed. 🙄How great!But wait a minute! 😳😮As you know, Demodex comes to the surface of the skin at night.Can you soak your body in honey every night for 3 to 4 months till morning? Even if it is not impossible, it does not seem easy. 😣Besides, honey may block follicles and prevent Demodex from coming up. In this case, the only Demodex mites that get stuck are those who have come out before rubbing honey. 😥Honey is an extraordinary natural substance. But really how much easier it is to use PROCUTiN! 😍🥰This product does not prevent the Demodex from coming out of the pores. So the process of killing Demodex continues until morning. 🤗☺#ozidex #procutin #honey #anti_demodex #demodex_treatment #demodexfolliculorum #demodexbrevis #demodextest