The Relation between Alopecia and Demodex Mites

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71 days ago


._If you follow our content, you may think about what disasters Demodex does not bring to us! Yes, that's right. This microscopic mite can aggravate or even cause many diseases that alopecia in one of them.._Hair loss has many causes, some of which Demodex can aggravate or exacerbate. Demodex - the tiny mite that lives in hair follicles - consumes the nutrients needed for hair growth and eventually causes it to weaken and fall out.._In hereditary alopecia, toxic compounds produced by Demodex accelerate inflammatory processes and exacerbate hair loss.._If the hair loss is due to a defective immune system, this allows Demodex to multiply and intensify the hair loss by the mechanisms mentioned above.Thus Demodex treatment can be a useful aid in the treatment of alopecia.._Ungex is always with you in eradicating Demodex...#ungex #Demodicosis #demodex #demodexmite #Unique_Protocol #alopecia #dandruff #macules #acne