Difference Between SaaS V/S White Label Dispatch Software

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saas vs white label dispatch software

Is a SaaS model or white-label dispatch software, which is preferable? If this is your question, your answer is right here! If you own a taxi company, you would have most likely stumped by this question for the nth time. It's not your fault because this is such a big decision for your ride-hailing business startup. So, you must be 100% sure and convinced before proceeding.Here, in this blog, we help taxi startup owners to overcome the state of dilemma, confusion, and frustration and make the right decision. So, without further ado, let's get started.What is SaaS-Based Taxi Dispatch Software?SaaS (Software as a Service) is a revenue and distribution model for software companies making money by charging their users monthly or annual subscriptions. Since it eliminates all of the challenges that new businesses face, SaaS is the best option for taxi startups.What is White-Label Taxi Dispatch Software?A White-Label Taxi Dispatch Software solution is a ready-to-use taxi dispatch system that includes all of the crucial features of a successful taxi app like Uber. You can customize it to meet your specific business needs and set it apart from the other apps.