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Ad DescriptionThe P.R.A. is a Non-Profit 501c(3) Corporation chartered in Nevada. We are Pro-Constitution, Socially Centrist/Moderate, Politically Independent, and Fiscally Responsible, with Principled Opposition to political extremes. Our mission is to become the voice of the 70% in the political middle, THE SILENT MAJORITY. Our member numbers are growing steadily, mostly without social media and online fanfare - and we are seeking your support…As you are aware, the current climate in the United States is on a dangerous path; we won’t get into the specifics of hyper-inflation, cancel-culture, critical race theory, threat posed to the Constitution, a questionable last election, the over-hyped COVID “pandemic” amongst others. We believe history repeats itself, and we’re beginning to see the makings of a Weimar Republic and similar collapse of society. Suffice it to say, we believe the public, particularly Centrists, Conservatives and moderate pro-constitution Democrats, will increasingly become less and less tolerant of this; and that some form of catastrophic event will finally trigger a backlash, of which will need to be addressed and mitigated on some way, shape or form by good folks such as yourselves – regardless of which side of the fence you may be on. This may be in the form of conflict, because that’s what happens when you push people too hard.We think a better solution is to coalesce Centrists, Conservatives and pro-constitution democrats and libertarians under one common platform to effectively, from a political and socio-economic perspective, lock out the extremists on both ends, particularly – and this should be very apparent, the far-left radicals which are dominating the media right now.Take a look at our very simple website, tenets and platform. See if it’s something you can get behind, even anonymously.PLEASE JOIN OUR EFFORTS AT: Website URL