Get Paid To Host a Little Hotspot & Earn Money From Home/Bus

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Now you can get paid a MONTHLY INCOME just for having this hotspot (a crypto miner) in your home or business. The Helium Miners are like little money machines.They work in the background - 24 / 7 - and earn you money every 2 weeks.Besides making money from your own hotspot (crypto miner), now you can ALSO get paid to GIVE AWAY these little money machines - and when you do, YOU GET PAID an ongoing, passive income EVERY MONTH off of THEIR machines.This is an incredible opportunity and you start by first claiming your own FREE Helium miner/hotspot.Here's everything you get:GET YOUR HELIUM MINER/HOTSPOT FOR FREEFREE TRAINING TO MAXIMIZE EARNINGSAFFILIATE PROGRAM - SHARE WITH OTHERS FOR ROYALTIES ON THEIR MININGEXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK GROUP WITH THE LATEST UPDATESNot only will you get your Helium Miner for FREE,but you will ALSO be able to SHARE THE OPPORTUNITY with othersand earn ROYALTIES on THEIR MINING ACTIVITY - ALL OF IT.Imagine making money on ALL THE MINING OF THE PEOPLE YOU SHARE THIS WITHAND ON ALL THE PEOPLE THEY SHARE IT WITH.That's a GAME CHANGER.Now you can build TRUE, LIFETIME WEALTH by owning your own piece of the IoT network.When you claim your hotspot today, not only will you get incredible training on how to mine more HNT / income, but you will also get your own WEBSITE that you can send people to...This website gets them excited and shows them the power of GETTING one of these little money machines for themselves. You will see this website when you scan the QR or go to the website: is a WIN, WIN, WIN deal and now you can join us.Again, this is NOT AVAILABLE if you go to the Helium Network website...This is a special, proprietary AFFILIATE TEAM that has gotten approval from Helium fact, our machines are PROGRAMMED to pay out the right affiliate commissions to everyone.Get ready for true ongoing, passive income.Get paid to mine crypto from home or business. All you need is an internet connection and a spot to place your device. (for example, a window sill or attic)No personal data is transferred, this device only "pings" other nearby devices using radio waves and is part of the "Internet of Things" network. (smart devices)Get started FREE or learn more!