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Soothing Crystals is a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of the most extraordinary crystal products, healing kits and jewellery, Cut & Polished Crystals including Rune Sets, Stone Carvings, Obelisks & Pencils, Crystal Hearts, Crystal Pendulums, Worry & Palm Stones, Tumbled Stones & Chips, Pyramids & Spheres, Selenite, Massage Rollers, Orgone, Specimens & Minerals like Rough Chunks, Arrowheads, Clusters, Natural Points, healing kits, Jewelry including Bracelets, Mala, Pendants and many more.A Tiger Eye Faceted Cone Dowsing Crystal Pendulum is a powerful tool that allows you to tune into your chakras. This will allow you to heal your energy field, releasing negative energies from your past. You can also use this crystal for healing purposes, such as to release a stuck chakra, etc. By using a pendulum you can tap into your energy to heal yourself and others. Dowsing pendulum techniques have been practiced for thousands of years. Ancient people would pray to the crystals in their chakras to help them connect to the higher self or their spirit guides. This prayer would give them insight into their nature, as well as that of their guides. These divine beings often want to teach these individuals the skills they need to become enlightened and help their fellow man. The dowsing crystal is a way to connect to the divine forces that are already present within us all.