Superfine Crowned Lord Ganesha Brass Statue

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$ 800.00

Superfine Crowned Lord Ganesha Brass Statue

India’s rich spirituality begins with Lord Ganesha; softens the karma and guides dharma. Ganesha reigns over our beginnings, our changes, earthly decisions, and problems. This wonderful Hindu deity is the one closest to the material plane of consciousness, most easily contacted and most able to assist us in our day-to-day life and concerns. The superfine carvings of this Ganesha brass sculpture form a realistic expression of Lord Ganesha’s divine personality. He sits in his usual posture on a unique floral carved hexagonal platform which is kept on a stylized chowki, designed with lion paws as its legs and an amazing floral brooch highlights the center. Ganesha’s vahana, Mooshakraj sits in reverence on the chowki along with the coconut Kalash on the other end as one of his ritual worship requirements.