Madhuchista Vidhana Rakshak Ganesha Bronze Statue Panchaloha

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Madhuchista Vidhana Rakshak Ganesha Bronze Statue Panchaloha from Swamimalai

Son of Shiva, warrior and protector and upholder of dharma. The all-powerful shodashabhujadhari (sixteen-armed) Roopa (form) of Lord Ganesha is quite the rarity. The panchaloha medium, a bronze made of five (‘pancha’) iron-based (‘loha’) alloys, and the traditional madhuchista vidhana or lost-wax make, add to the value of this Ganesha murti as a work of art. Lord Ganesha Bronze Statue stands on the pistil of an upturned lotus. Along its petals grovels the humble rat, His vahana, adorned in embroidered silk. A shapely plinth beneath the same. A wide variety of weapons and spiritually symbolic implements in His numerous hands, of Shaivite as well as Vaishnavite significance, which in turn is indicative of the omnipotence of Ganesha. This one-of-a-kind Ganesha murti has been sculpted from panchaloha, a bronze made from five (‘pancha’) iron-based (‘loha’) alloys. It is a superior medium unique to Swamimalai, and so is the skill required to work with it. Its crimson-brown color complements the wrath on the brow of Ganesha.