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MacXDVD is a division of Digiarty Software Inc., which is a global leader in multimedia software development since 2006. We endeavor to provide professional DVD ripper, 4K video converter, iOS data transfer, etc to over 180 million worldwide users.If you want to promote windows version, please find WinXDVD in admitad store.Users will get the fast, simple and powerful multimedia solution.With hardware acceleration technology, MacXDVD’s products always process media files in a high speed to save your waiting time.To satisfy users in different age range, MacXDVD offers preset for beginners to reach their goal with few clicks, and in another way offers user-defined sets for users who need premium features.In addition, MacXDVD is always up-to-date with the latest tech innovations and digital trends. The timely support for new discs, 4K UHD, HEVC, AV1, along with impeccable software performance, racks up loads of accolades from customers worldwide.For Publishers:Most of our products are reviewed and highly recommended by famous tech websites, such as Macworld, Cult of Mac, etc., which means you don’t worry about our product quality.100% Guaranteed Payment on timeEvery purchase made through your website can be tracked and assigned to your affiliate account. Your commission will never be lost.The more you sell, the more commission you can earn.Exclusive coupon for your users. MacXDVD offer exclusive coupon so that your users will get extra discount. This way will help you improve the conversion rate meanwhile give your users good impression.High conversion rate. As MacXDVD was founded since 2006 and well branding in the past 15 years, many users are familiar with and trust our products, combined with the good quality, the conversion will be not bad.Our target audience:We don’t have specific target request, but we can give you some suggestions as reference. 1. Most of our users are male 2. Most of our users like technology, Media, Entertainment, Movie, Music 3. Most of our users are 25-54 years old 4. Most of our users are from America and Europe, especially well sold in US CA AU UK DE Affiliate Policy: 1. Affiliates are not permitted to use "MacXDVD", "MacXDVD Software", MacXDVD products' name, "Digiarty" or similar words in Google AdWords and other private ads campaigns. 2. Affiliates are not permitted to submit Digiarty products to other websites. 3. Affiliates are not permitted to sell Digiarty products on websites which are related to auction, such as eBay. 4. Affiliates are not permitted to register any domain name which contains Digiarty brand name or some other related words. 5. No Fraud Traffic 6. No misleading traffic