Electric car charging cables for sale

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The requirements for charging wires include specifications, models, quality and other factors. Judging from the specifications and low resistance of the wires, the requirements for the wires need to meet the power of the charger. If the power is too low, heat will easily occur. spontaneous combustion, etc., so the choice needs to be based on the power of the charger. According to the power of the pure electric vehicle charger, the power of the home slow-charging charger matched with the vehicle is basically around 3.5kw to 1.6kw. According to The battery capacity depends on the size. Taking the power of the charger as an example, it is around 3.3kw. At present, the maximum power that household electrical sockets and wires can withstand is around 3.5KW. According to the size of the copper core wire of the wire in the national standard Look, 2.5 square millimeters is enough.Welcome to search, subscribe and follow: OMG EV Cable