Hyderabadi Biryani in Karama

Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan's flagPakistan; Business, Food

22 days ago

$ 60.00

HYDERABADI BIRYANI HOUSE AL KARAMA Hyderabadi biryani house is the best place in Dubai to eat Biryani. We have huge variety of Biryanis. We cook high quality basmati rice to enhance the taste of Biryani. Spices we use in the biryanis are highly flavoured. Chicken dum dum biryani is made with fully fried chicken pieces . Hyderabadi Mutton dum biryani is made with tender and juicy pieces of mutton. We also offers Mutton kabab with biryani. They are prepared with spicy and delicious flavours. Kabab gives all biryanis an enhanced taste. Our Mutton kabab kabab are the prefect blend of chana daal and minced meat. We also serve kabab with fresh mint chutney. Our Hyderabadi Mutton dum biryani and Hyderabadi chicken dum biryani is just like the Biryani of Hyderabad. Their tastes are so real and authentic that everyone will feel he is eating in Indian restaurant. We cook the Biryani with special ingredients and in a traditional way. Talahua Gosht is our special dish. We serve it with rumali roti and khatti daal. We cook Talahua Gosht with special racipe and mutton pieces are so tender and delicate that melts in the mouth. We serve you different biryanis at restaurants including chicken tikka biryani, chicken tandoori Biryani and Anda biryani. We also offers online home deliveries. The food we serve you is prepared under the strict and standard hygienic environment. Our all dishes are finger licking and tantalise your taste buds. Hyderabadi Biryani House Al Karama is affordable and economical