TRENDING! Have Doctors Discovered A Cure 2 Opiate Withdrawal

Date7/31/2014 6:15:49 PM
If you take suboxone or methadone for opiate withdrawal prevention, you may be able to throw them out the window for good. An Insider has released a report alleging that two doctors discovered a cure to opiate withdrawal over 37 years ago while working with terminally ill cancer patients. They were able to stop their morphine drips without the patients going through withdrawal by using a certain form of a certain vitamin, delivered in a certain way, and at a certain dose. They tested the find on 2 groups of heroin and methadone users and were amazed at the results. Before they could alert the world to the find, they were ordered to suppress the information by crooked gov insiders and big pharma cohorts. The reason is that they are raking in billions off of drugs like methadone & now suboxone. Well An insider has come forth an released the unbelievable info and how to use it for yourself at home and you can avoid all opiate withdrawal without drugs
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