Company setup with eBanking

Date10/19/2012 4:08:28 PM
PriceUSD 550.00
 852-94247486 852-94247486
Hong Kong does not tax capital gains and does not impose VAT or Goods & Services Tax (GST). Hong Kong has abolished taxes on beer and wine. Tailor-make to minimize your levels of taxation.

Upon your arrival in Hong Kong, you can collect the bank account number, safety device, pin number for internet banking and phone banking, debit card. Thereafter, you can activate the bank account after the Company is completely incorporated.

More than one in three of the multinational firms active in the Asia-Pacific have chosen Hong Kong as their headquarters for the region. No other city can match this share.

Virtual Office :

Package A

1. Licensed to use our address for business registration and government-related use.
2. Licensed to use our address for public communication.
3. Mails handling including parcels with immediate notification.

Package B
Include item (1) to (3)
4. Mails re-direct service (re-direct to any address in Hong Kong)
5. Share our fax number an
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