LurraLife International


6 Ways to Earn with LurraLife

# 1: Retail Customer Bonus
Earn 50% of the CV on all your Retail Customers’ purchases. (Also, 40% of the CV will go into the Two Team Pay plan.)

#2: Fast Start Bonus
Earn 30% of the CV on the first order of all associates that you personally enroll. (Also, 60% of the CV will go into the Two Team Pay plan.)

#3: Two Team Pay
Earn up to 10%* on the balanced Commissionable Volume (CV) of your Two Teams every week. (The volume is calculated to infinity and with no cycles.)

#4: Matching Bonuses
Earn a 50% Matching Bonus on all your personally sponsored associates AND a 10% Matching Bonus paid up to 5 generations of Two Star (or higher) Associates. (The match is based on the Two Team Pay only.)

#5: 4 Who Get 4 Car Bonus
Earn a USD $500 monthly car bonus by sponsoring 4 associates who then sponsor 4 associates (total of 20 associates) who all purchase a package.

#6: Other Awards & Bonuses
Earn fantastic prizes plus additional bonuses as you advance in the LurraLife ranks.
When you combine LurraLife's generous compensation plan with its proven sampling system and exclusive products that deliver fast results for customers... You have a roadmap for success.
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