Test an app and keep the iphone

Date9/26/2012 6:13:34 PM
We are a company that develops mobile applications for apple products and we need app testers for iPads and iPhones.

Your job will be to test the app for a day and write a 100 to 150 word review.

We pay $30 per review.

We also send out iPhones and iPads together with the applications. So everyday you will be receiving an app via download.

Once you've completed at least 20 reviews you get to keep the iPhone and iPad as a reward.

- Send daily reviews of the downloaded mobile app via email

- Get to earn extra $30 a day
- Get to keep the iPhone and iPad after 20 reviews (latest model)

- Must be well versed on iPhone and iPad apps
- Must be able to download the apps daily (internet connection required)
- Must be able to write specific reviews
- Can follow instructions and follow deadlines
- No age and educational attainment required

If interested to apply, please reply to this Ad.
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