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Amla Kesuth Hair Vitalizer
This is an extra ordinary non oil based liquid lotion, essential to take care of hair. This lotion is made out of vringaraj, Kesuth, amlaki, Sikakai, Mehendi, Bharambhi, methi, extract of hibiscus buds & purified water. These ingredients help to enhance the quality of your hair, such as it stops hair fall, dandruff, immature graying of hair. It helps to retain black hair, even those who feel itching sensation in their head they might get relief. This lotion is suitable for both men and women and free from side effects.
How to use : Use twice a day on dry hair. Shake the bottle before use. Pour the lotion in a plastic bowl as per requirement; use it at the base of your hair with the help of a cotton pad. Don't over rub the hair; in case of long hair, use of lotion for the whole hair is not mandatory.
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