North West Polygraph Services

Date10/16/2012 4:51:23 PM
North West Polygraph Services is one of the Top Polygraph Services in the market today. Our Polygraphists are well trained and have been Internationally Accredited.

All our members have been trained in Forensic Psychophysiology as well as Interviewing and Questioning and have undergone training in several Body Language Courses.

All our Polygraph Examinations undergo a control check by a qualified Polygraphist to ensure that the test is valid and the results are accurate.
All our tests are being saved on a Data Base and kept for a period of five years, should any dispute arise in disciplinary hearings / CCMA cases.
A consent form is signed by each examinee whereby he/she agrees to be Polygraph tested.
All our Polygraph Exams and Interviews are being Video Recorded and kept on file for a period of five years for future evidence, should any dispute arise.
A written statement is obtained during confessions

Services Offered

Pre-Employment Examinations
In-Employment Examinations
Specific Examinations
ID Criminal Checks
Afi Electronical Fingerprint Screening.
ITC Checks
Company Checks
Company Screenings
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