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Limited Company Startup :

We check and reserve your Company name (with or without Chinese Name).
We prepare the documents to be signed and return to us.
We submit all the signed documents to the local authorities.
We submit and collect the Certificate of Incorporation (CI).
We deliver the Company Kit (green box) which includes seal, chops, share certificates, M&A, minutes books.
We apply and collect the Business Registration (BR).
We prepare the first board meeting Minutes.
We appoint your Company Secretary (a legal post) as stipulated by the Company Ordinance.
Express eBanking Account Opening : We book for you a date for meeting; we prepare all the relevant documents in advance for our Banker. The director(s) should attend the bank meeting; the initial setup could be completed within the date.

Business Scope : Company Registration, Virtual Office, Legal, Apostle Stamping, Notary Services, Re-invoicing, Taxation, Auditing, Accounting, Corporate eBanking, Logistics, Namecard, Printing, M&A, CI, BR, Business Registration, C/O, Deregistration, Tailor-make Services, Trade Services, Dedicated Line, Registered Office Address, Mails Redirect, eFax, Trademarks, Shelf Company.

We can assist you to open the bank account even though the company is under process when you are in Hong Kong. You can get the account number, safety device for internet banking, the pin number of internet banking, pin number for phone banking, the debit card etc. when you are here. Our Banker entrust us to submit all the statutory documents as soon as the company is well incorporated, i.e. Certificate of Incorporation. That only takes you 30 minutes for bank account opening when you're in town. We can manage the rest as your Company Secretary (a legal post).

All trading documents, such as invoices, sales confirmation, purchase orders, packing lists etc. can be issued by the local Hong Kong Company. Personal Tax Planning are often closely related to and affected by business tax issues.

We provide reliable and excellent professional services, drawing on knowledge and experience accumulated over the years by all the partners. As such, we gained further referrals from our satisfied clients.
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