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How it works the machine mechanism is simplified. The material to be crushed is dropped on top chute & goes through material tube on to center of closed rotor.
Material from rotor gets thrown with high centrifugal force as the rotor rotates on high rpm. When this material hits inside the rock chamber assembly it gets shaped due to impact & depending on inertia of the material cubical shaped products falls freely due to gravity through the bottom chute. The natural way of impact & grinding of rock on rock results in shaping the partials like natural sand making it very close natural sand Simplified retro fitment from rock on rock to rock on metal Rock on rock to rock on metal version can easily converted of offering anvil rings & rocks. Chamber combination which results in higher production yield.
This simplified retro fit can be easily & quickly installed on existing rock on rock model without changing the complete machine resulting in differing products needs. Tertiary stage machine suitable for Ready-mix concrete Artificial sand Asphalt mix Base material for road work
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