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1. Single piece cast steel bearing housing offer high load carrying capacities & ease of maintenance.
2. Forged steel, hardened & Precision machined crank shaft.
3. Ring Feeders fitted to lock flywheels with the shaft result in quick & easy dismantling at the time of maintenance
4. Dynamically balanced cast iron flywheels offer long bearing life
5. All four main bearings are of equal diameter & larger size for optimum performance
6. Modular body design proves to be much more economical for reconditioning of the crusher even after long years of operating as compared to other traditional designs.
7. Easily replaceable machined & bolted jaw stopper plates for maintenance free operation.
8. Modular non welded frame offers highest fatigue strength in all directions.
9. Bolted foot mounts provided versatility in foundation sizes & also can be easily installed on existing old crushing foundations.
10. Heavy duty steel Pitman
11. High Grade manganese steel cast jaw plates with overall machining offer excellent fitment & wear life.
12. The crushing chamber is ruggedly built for the hardest rock application.
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