$25 Your own Business w/Website-Claim Your Cloud

Date11/8/2012 11:30:02 PM
PriceUSD 25.00
Own Your Own Business on the Internet
Claim Your Cloud is a fun and simple web based business that provides a fully operational website (included in your $25 Annual Fee), with whom you can make a great Extra Income from the convenience of your computer.

- No other investment required and we handle all product stock, payments and shipping electronically through the web.
- You get a weekly commission based on sales from your web site. All you do is promote your business!

Becoming an Affiliate is 100% AFFORDABLE!
Have you always wanted to try your hand at a web-based business, but have found the start-up costs to be completely prohibitive. Some supposedly "affordable opportunities" can sometimes cost as little as $149 each year and even into the thousands of dollars just to start-up. But let's be honest...who wants to pay that kind of money and find out later that you're initial investment was just too hard to re-coup. The investment is down the drain and you're left frustrated and disappointed. Well...do you think you can afford $25 to start your own fun and unique venture? If so - Read On!

You can become an Affiliate with Claim Your Cloud for the ridiculously low $25 Annual Affiliate Fee (AAF). Yes...you're not seeing things...it really does say $25. That's barely enough to cover some of our costs to provide you with a website and maintain records for payments to you. But unlike other web based business opportunities, our interest is not in covering our costs initially, but rather to invest in people with the hope that they will be successful. If you are successful - then so are we. We split the income and that's where we hope to not only recoup our investment in you, but to see both of us making lots of profits along the way!

And yes - we did say you'll get your very own web site to work right from the convenience of your own computer, online...for ONLY $25.

The Affiliate Program is Simple and Easy
Here are the Details:
- You must be a minimum of 18 years old
- You must be a US Citizen
- You must have a VERIFIED PayPal Account
- You must have a physical mailing address (no PO BOX), a working telephone # and an email account that you will be responsive to, for communication.
- You must have a desire to work at making your new business successful

- Go to our web site and fill out the simple and easy Affiliate Application Form.
- Once your payment is received...we will confirm your enrollment by contacting you. We will quickly build your website and have you up and running within 24-48 hours (usually sooner)
- You start directing friends, family, neighbors - ANYBODY to your website and make a generous commission.
- For every $5 Cloud Registry sold through your website...you will receive $2.50.

- Your own pre-built, ready-to-use website where you can direct potential customers to your exclusive Cloud Venture.
- Headquarters Support providing the management of all your orders which includes production and delivery of all your Cloud Registries, electronic payments for your customers and we send all products directly to your customers for you.
- A weekly deposit of your commissions from each sale from the prior week, made directly into your VERIFIED PayPal account.
- A stress free automated business venture that allows you to work from the convenience of your own computer, setting your own hours and earning a tidy little income that will yield nicely according to the amount of effort you invest.

- You must have a desire to work at making your new business successful!

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