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Hello Everyone,

My name is Jeff Blessing...yes that is my real last name. I get comments on it all the time, even from my wife when we first met.

I hope this email will be a BLESSING to you, if you are like me and my family we are trying to build a business from home. After trying to find a job here in Magnolia, Texas...I have decided to hold off, and give it one more try to make some money from home.

I was told by my sponsor, Christina Orcutt, that I just need to learn how to market online...stick with it until I reach my goal, and I can forget about a job. Please don't think I wouldn't appreciate a is just that here isn't any jobs in the town we live in.

So...together, we are looking for people who would like to join us on this mission to help me, and my family...and also you and your family.

Now the reason we have narrowed down BLOCK BUZZ is that we know the majority of people who want to work from home are not big recruiters, and also those who are in this industry working a business need advertising...with Block Buzz you will get to advertise your primary business to people ALL over the world.

Our website is in 23 languages with plans to add more...NOW SERIOUSLY THINK ABOUT THIS--AN ADVERTISING VEHICLE THAT TARGETS THE WHOLE WORLD. With a pay plan that will blow your socks off, extremely affordable, so darn simple...even someone with very little computer experience can work part time or full time.

Folks, we have a winner here, and the only way you are going to see it as by going to my website...

Keep in mind I am very new to this so if you want to ask a question please call my sponsor...I will be getting on the training to learn more until then Christina said you can call her at (928)274-1964.

Until then, G-d bless you, and your family.

Jeff Blessing
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