Payed Bloggers (five more needed )

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Date11/17/2012 7:13:06 AM
Iv'e captured a set of instructions I need you to follow each day, doing at least 1 blog post (on my site) per day. I revenue share, so you won't make much till about 7-10 days into the project. I have a handful of people doing this (on specific topics) all over the country successfully. Stick with me for 60 days or so, and in 30-40 minutes per day we'll both make good money ($1200-2000/mo). Get a preview of process here: (2 minute quiz kicks things off, I need for you to see/experience that process-when you submit your email, it goes only to me)Click on the website above in the box on the right for more information.

5 more and the team is full !!

Please do not reply to this post- I need to know you've previewed my process and video at the page above. Once you've done that, you and I both well get an email comfirmation- any converstion we have needs to start after that point.

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