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Date12/11/2012 6:16:17 PM
I work with a company that helps turning your spending into assets. It's a 9 year company with a proven track record. It has 2.5 million memebers projecting to have 350 million by 2016. It is making a billion dollars in revenue a month. The US office is the entire 27th floor of Empire State building and opening 2 new offices, 1 in Florida one in California. We have 2 non profit organizagtions. 1 is a child and family foundation that have opened over a dozen schools to help orphans.
2. Green Sinity that plans to run all our schools off of clean energy.
3. We have our own magizine.
If this is a company you would like to learn more about please contact me for more information.
Toby Bennett
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