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Date12/18/2012 7:55:12 AM
PriceUSD 2,000.00
ndiaforexclub is a India based company offering it members Forex Managed Account Services.

Our mission is to offer Indiaforexclub members a transparent, high return investment, adding value to their investing goals. In 2009 we produced gross profit of 52.75%; this was followed up last year with a gross profit of 44.92%.
Managed Account Service
A key aspect of The Indiaforexclub managed account service is that members setup their own individual account with Interactive Brokers and allow Indiaforexclub trading rights on their account. All members’ funds are independent of Indiaforexclub.
How it works
· Open YOUR own account with Interactive Brokers, your account can be funded in any major currency.
· Sign power of attorney allowing Indiaforexclub to trade on your behalf.
· Your account is available to you 24/7 to check profits, deposit and withdraw funds
· Indiaforexclub is incentivized with a performance fee of 50% of trading profits
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