App broker makes $1k an hour!

In the past 30 days... a new type of "job" was just created.

It's called a "Local App Broker" and it's already making some people $1k per hour!

Let me explain.

Step #1 - you create a KILLER app for a local business.

(don't worry - the software they use to make these apps takes LESS THAN an hour and require NO SKILLS).

Step #2 - you sell that app to a local business owner for $1k (or more...)

Step #3 - you pocket 100% of the money.

Isn't that crazy?

Want to learn how to get started, and where to find the business owners who ALREADY want your app?

Check out our video on our website above.

P.S. Oh ya, on this video they'll show you how to get the app building software too... that way you can start doing this TODAY!

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