Sales representative

Date12/24/2012 8:24:28 AM
Hello every body do you need job as international sales representative? It is only part time job you have to spend two hours a day and you will get paid by doing this job. No matter where are you and what is your mother language. You have to promote product of our company in your area as you can. This is one of the largest company in the world is held in poland. We shall send proper training and information what to do. So if you are interested Please send me your mail only to with a word "sales representative" on subject line of the mail. No matter you can leave this job any time if you get no interest but I am sure you can find interest here to earn extra cash. So I think you want to agree with our company to make extra money on independent job. I call it independent because you can join any time and leave it any time or work any time you want. Again if you want work our company you have to spend only two hours a day for getting quick success. So send your email
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