Turn $7 Into $19,659.60 In Just 28 Days! Start Today

Date1/5/2013 9:24:58 PM
PriceUSD 7.00
The Penny Matrix‘s main focus is to build the 2 x 14 matrix in order to get the max payout of $19,659.60. Yes, it’s Monthly, Every Month, Month after Month! Now how is this done you ask. According to the website, a person would need to sign up 2 people in 2 days and get those 2 people to do the same and so on – AND – In 28 Days, $19,659.60 Per Month Is YOURS! Sounds easy,right ? Commissions are paid on “Even Levels” of the 14-Level Matrix at $.30 per members on even-numbered levels through the 14th level with 100% matching bonuses paid to the referrers to infinity. Just $7 to subscribe to the “bi-monthly” newsletter that fills you in on what’s “trending” about the net and provides you up to date online marketing teaching to aid and you also receive one free E-book a month. So in conclusion to me the Penny Matrix seems like a great opportunity to earn residual income. Like I mentioned the investment is low,and the fact that you get one free E-book a month is a huge plus,for me anyway.
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