PowerPlay™ portable electronic devices plus

Date1/17/2013 6:30:07 AM
PriceUSD 149.99
The ultimate accessory for all of your portable electronic devices plus your 5LINX Velocity Tablet. Charge it Up! Pump it Up! Talk it Up!

The 5LINX PowerPlay is the ultimate accessory for all of your Blue Tooth enabled devices and the 5LINX Velocity tablet! A powerful and portable device that combines it all including a HiFi speaker for streaming music, plus convenient hands-free calling and it will even recharge all of your gadgets.
Pump it up.

The 5LINX PowerPlay allows you to pump up the volume and share your music with or without wires. Don't let the compact design fool you, the mini speakers capture the experience of being at a live musical performance and reproduces it right in the palm of your hand. Simply pair it up with any Blue Tooth enabled device and enjoy hours of rich Hi-Fidelity audio, streamed directly from your device. Listen to a ball game, stream music, watch a movie, play a game, walk the dog, do yard work, lay by the pool or just share your music with others... the possibilities are endless.
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