LBB Candle of the Month Club

Date1/17/2014 5:59:01 AM
The Candle of the Month Club is a gift that you will enjoy time and time again! Each month La Bella Baskets will deliver our 23 oz LBB Soy Large Jar Candles. Our candles are made with environmentally friendly soy blend wax and special ingredients to help prevent your rich candle color from fading. They are highly scented from top to bottom so that the last burn is as long as the first. Our candles are made with lead free double wicks and eco safe dyes.
Burn Time: 180-210 hours.
January Candle - Baked Apple - CC15
February Candle - Sweet Cranberry Chutney - CC08
March Candle - Lilac Flower - CC19
April Candle - Fresh Rain - CC32
May Candle - Cozy Home - CC30
June Candle - Exotic Beach - CC31
July Candle - Lavender and Vanilla - CC25
August Candle - Spa Retreat - CC36
September Candle - Autumn Berry Harvest - CC01
October Candle - White Pumpkin and Caramel - CC02
November Candle - Cider and Spice - CC04
December Candle - Christmas Cookies - CC05
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