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Date1/20/2013 6:57:36 AM
The doctors told me that things don't look good for me. There were no more medicines or treatments to try, no more hope to stop the inevitable. Everything is gone.The dreams I had for my 14 year old son are long past. I can't even pay the rent that's past due($650) and if it's not paid by 1/21 they are going to evict us. I'm desperate and I just need some help to pay the rent. I've sold everything we had of any value.

Everywhere I have turned seems to be a dead end. If someone out there could help us, no matter if it's $.10 or $10.00, I would be forever grateful and I will try my best to pay you back. If you would send a reply, I will forward you my paypal address (this is the only debit card left-overdrawn at the bank and they closed the account) if you can help. But if you don't, please, help someone else. No matter if they're young or old, someone is in need. Don't let "Pay It Forward" be a catch phrase, make it a part of your everyday life.
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