Want A Successful Advertising Campaign?

Date2/12/2013 9:40:33 PM
Price£ 3,000.00
08000 430 07308000 430 073
What we do?

With TennerText we send out high quantities of highly targeted text messages each month on your behalf of your company promoting your company's product or service.

All text messages are happily received by consumers whom are interested in your company and are targeted to the area you select within the UK.

They are NOT spam messages. TennerText pay consumers to receive text messages from companies their interested in. With over 60,000 signed up, we would be perfect for advertising your company.

If you feel you are ready to move forward with the next generation of advertising

Why Advertise with us?

TennerText is a revolutionary step in mobile marketing. The creator Alex Peerbaccus-Reid noticed a gap in the market for this incredibly effective process.

Not only do TennerText send thousands to millions of personalized text messages but the people receiving them WANT to receive them.

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