Porta-Sink Portable Sinks,Bars, Sushi Bar, Crepe Bar, Table

Date2/16/2013 7:44:38 AM
U.S. Ice Machine Mfg. Co. is not only the leading manufacture for building the world’s “Strongest Ice Machine”,
but we are also known as the “King of Portables” at Porta-Sink we specializes in manufacturing Portable Sinks, Portable Beverage Bars, Portable Steam tables, Portable Espresso Bar, Portable Crepe Bar, Portable Sushi bar and Sugarcane Machines which have been widely used all over the world in many catering business, parties, weddings, banquets, restaurants, bar tending schools, mall kiosk, entertaining guests at home, concession stands, outdoor events, tattoo artists, festivals/fairs and much more. We also do custom design to create a portable product to meet your exact needs. We can also rent out our portable products in case you’re on a strict budget! But the best part of it all is that our products are completely portable which make them extremely convenient for just about any kind of occasions you could be hosting!

Our Portable Products are designed to meet all your entertaining needs. We offer a wide selection of sinks from a one compartment hand sink to a multi-compartment utility sink for cleaning dishes and your utensils. Our Portable Sinks feature hot and cold running water with either an 110vAC power supply. Or you can have the option of using a propane tank in case you can’t use an electrical outlet. Our water storage and drainage tanks that can hold up to 5 gallons of fresh water and 7 gallons of wastewater, which makes cleaning, rinsing, and sanitizing really easy...
In addition to our Portable Sinks we also have our Portable Beverage Bar and Espresso Bar which makes serving drinks a breeze. Don’t have a built in bar? Don’t want the hassles of building a bar? Than look no further because you don’t have to. With our Portable Bar and Portable Espresso Bar you can serve your guests a nice cold beverage anywhere you want. We also offer Portable Sushi Bars and Portable Steam tables that are sure to impress your guests and even your chef! Our portable products are really great for that cater who’s on the move…

All of our portable products are robust and sturdy enough to endure all sorts of weather conditions. We only use premium components and parts such as a heavy gauge 304 stainless steel body, sliding doors, cabinets, are portable units is one of the only units that is completely stainless steel and welded. Our side panels can be made with either a multicolored acrylic panels or aluminum multicolored composite panels. We allow you to choose from five different colors such as red, black, blue, pearl white, or silver to give you that elegant or sleek look to any of our portable products.
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