Date4/19/2013 4:10:11 PM
PriceUSD 22.00
RESEARCH HAS PROVEN THAT WEARING GLASSES AND CONTACTS WILL DESTROY YOUR VISION OVER TIME. Try going without your glasses for a few weeks and see what happens. You may be surprised at the results. Of course at first things may be blurry, but once your eyes start to adjust to a life without artificial lenses things will become clearer. The main cause of most eye ailments is mental stress and strain on the eyes. The main problem with artificial lenses is they teach you bad habits and allow your eyes to work incorrectly. You quickly become dependent on the lenses and keep your eyes from healing themselves. If you can teach your eyes to be more relaxed, the need for glasses and lenses would go away completely. 15-minutes-a-day action plan to literally FORCE your entire visual system to work as a cohesive unit to self-correct and promote crystal clear sight and naturally regain perfect 20/20 vision in 1 - 3 months!
.Many people wonder why their doctor or optometrist never informed th
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