$2,000,000 Revenue / Cash Flow Loan - Funding Within 7 Days

Date5/27/2013 5:25:51 PM
Our clients received over $30 Million in 2012 and received over $10 Miliion in the first quarter of 2013. With this program clients can receive up to 80% of their monthly gross business revenue. This is a loan that is based upon the company's gross revenue alone. No collateral is required. Poor credit is acceptable. Approval within 24-48 hours and funding within 7 days. Apply for $5,000 up to $2,000,000

Loans Based Upon Total Revenue
Loan is Uncollateralized
Great for Franchises
Receive Up To 80% of the Monthly Gross Business Revenue
Term Range From 4 – 15 Months
Can Get More Funding For Multiple Locations
Get a business loan even with poor credit.

Common uses of the funds are: Purchasing Inventory, Expansion, Renting or Buying Equipment, Hiring employees and more.

Our most popular program will provide clients with a $200,000 unsecured business line of credit (see below). In addition we can also help clients secure Start-Up Funding, Unsecured Funding, Equipment Financing, Revenue Loans, SBA Loans, Loans From Private Investors and Crowd Funding. With a large variety of options for funding we are able to create a custom solution for small businesses, from brand new to established businesses.

If you need financing, FUNDING IS AVAILABLE. we’ll review your scenario and tell you what options exist. We have experts in bank funding such as SBA loans, credit lines, business credit cards, equipment finance and loans based on the revenues of your business. We also have experts in investor funding such as 401K Rollovers, Self-Direct IRAs and Crowdfunding.

One of our most popular programs will allow a business to quickly raise $200,000 in the form of an unsecured cash line of credit if the following conditions are met:

1. The business must have a manager or corporate officer with a FICO of at least 660
2. No judgements, collections or liens in unpaid status
3. No previous bankruptcies.
4. At least ONE established credit line of $2,000+
5. Reasonable Credit Debt ratios

Due to the popularity of this program and the number of inquiries in typically generates, It might take some time before I can personally respond to. So in the interest of time you might wish to get a speedy response from an employee. If you fill out the short form on the site that will provide us with a basic idea of what you are seeking, an employee will then contact you to discuss it. Please make certain that any contact information you provide is valid so there will not be any delay.
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