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Date2/20/2019 2:27:10 AM
Here Is How You Can Get Funded And
Use The Funds For Anything You Want!
Just 2 simple steps.
Step 1 … You Donate to Friends and
Step 2 … You Receive Donations from Friends!
You have the potential of receiving up to $88,000!!
This is the first phase of the program there are many.
Donate just $30.00One-time out of pocket.
$25.goes to the friend that is right above you.
$5 goes to the admin for the ad pool.
You are now eligible to Receive Donation from all of the level 1 friends.. $25.00 x 3=$75.00 this is only the beginning,as you join
you will see it on the main page the rest of the program as how it works.
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