PTFE/PFA components

Date7/22/2013 5:19:11 AM
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Praesto Engineering Company (PEC) is an Engineering and Consultancy company based in Perth, Australia. Praesto engineering design company vision is to provide engineering services and products to the Oil/gas, Mining, Process and Manufacturing industries. PEC can assist the clients by supplying components manufactured from Fluoropolymer material.
The various components include:
Pump components
Ball valve components
Butterfly valve components
Diaphragm Valve components
Plug valve components

Various Fluoropolymer options available from FEA consultants and PEC are Glass filled PTFE, Carbon Filled PTFE, PFA, ETFE, UHMWPE, NXT, TFM, PP, PVDF.For more information regarding our services and products contact us now on ….
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