Unique Forex Lead affiliate

There are many forex networks out there to promote as an affiliate.
But this is an unique forex leads network unlike many forex companies that paying just for sales, it is paying for forex leads.

It is said that forex niche are pretty much saturated but I've gone through Forex Leads niche are steady seller and much profitable.

Payment for each conversion(lead) is under $10 but on IM or MMO niche
the conversion rates are so high.
(At least over 10 times higher)

It is deserved to spend the time (or a little money) of your own to promote this program, so I highly recommend that you need to look into what it is.
(It provides various companies' forex
lead style that you can choose and
some of them give you already written
swipes that you may always use.)

Therefore, you can promote forex leads through solo ads or review sites(article marketing) and so on.

The website link above right is what I highly recommend for you.
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