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Date12/29/2014 8:51:39 PM
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Home of; Gabriel’s Art Galleries

The art work contained within each gallery is original and one of a kind’ all inspired by the perfection of God and the Universe, man and nature and our relationship to it and as a very intregal part of it

I believe in my Heart of hearts, that we are all seeking a greater understanding of ourselves As a single point in an ocean of single points, forgetting that we are all linked, to create the whole, Unity!…. therefore becoming the single point{unified] the dream of peace!

So as the artist I tell my story, with pictures and symbols, colors, emotions, all the while working it out, organizing it into some sort of deep vibrational understanding, for my consciousness to bring up to the surface, so I may share these thoughts with others through art and my paintings.

Going back into history we discover how old humanity truly is, the technology, the knowledge of celestial heavens, the temples and pyramids, which are in many places on the earth, and are all created by a supposed lessor developed human, as God has endowed me with a very inquisitive mind, I questioned this internally, intellectually, happily, joyfully and playfully and finally prayerfully.

The result is in the following galleries, many of the pieces just sort of created themselves, they are stories, feelings emotions, movement and color, some very controlled and others extremely free.

Please bear in mind all the art is left for you the viewer to interpret as you will, each individual will see something that means something to them, the artwork is meant to speak to each of you as an individual. Please enjoy your tour of the Galleries
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