Save up to 50% on your water bill

Date3/13/2015 9:15:33 PM
PriceUSD 699.00
Brilliant Integrated Technologies makes a smart wireless irrigation controller that is saving homeowners and businesses up to 50% on their water usage. The ICS-ONE utilizes over 100 different factors to determine the most optimum water usage for your precise property, including instant local weather data, temperature, wind, soil and vegetation type, sun angle, and humidity, just to name a few. And we do it all wirelessly via the internet and WiFi or hard-wired LAN.
You can easily manage your automated controller using your smart phone, iPad or PC. The system carries a 3 year warranty, free tech support, easy instructions, and best of all, the ICS-ONE should pay for itself in a very short time in water savings. We are EPA WaterSense certified, so you qualify for any rebates or discounts offered by your water provider. Let’s conserve water, money, time, and labor—together! Isn’t this great for our planet!
MSRP: $999. Your price today only $699. You instantly save $300.
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