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WOMEN'S CLINIC(Tel.0127527398 Mob.0730481767)/LEGAL ABORTION CLINIC IN PRETORIA,We provide 100% pain-free safe Services, we offer services to a woman who is from 2 - 24 weeks,You have come to the right place (+27730481767)where you will be helped during this difficult time.You will be okay as long as you are in our hands. This period will come to pass and they will be a better and free tomorrow for you..Contact Dr Johnny On; Tel : 0127527398 OR Call/Sms/Whatsapp: +27730481767.
Advantages of medication abortion
The World Health Organization (WHO) believes that mifepristone is an important treatment that should be made available to all women. Advantages of taking mifepristone include:
-For at least 95 per cent of women up to nine weeks gestation, taking mifepristone with misoprostol results in complete abortion within a few hours.
-Unlike a surgical abortion, a sterile operating environment isn’t needed, meaning the risk of infection is very small.
-Unlike surgical abortion, medication abortion doesn’t need a surgeon, making it a suitable alternative for women living in remote areas.
-The risk of maternal death is extremely low.
-Mifepristone is a cheaper and less invasive option than surgical abortion.
-Women who have used mifepristone have said that the procedure is less clinical and stressful than surgical abortion.
-The abortion happens at home.
-Anaesthesia isn’t needed.
-Most women don’t need pain-relieving medications.
Disadvantages of medication abortion
Disadvantages of taking mifepristone include:
-You might have excessive bleeding, which could mean that you need to have a surgical abortion or, in rare cases, a blood transfusion.
-You might get an infection, but this is rare and can usually be treated with antibiotics.
-The procedure fails in around two to three per cent of women, in which case a follow-up surgical abortion might be needed.
-Though rare, mifepristone can take days to work, whereas a surgical abortion only takes about 15 minutes.
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