Bluetooth wireless watch bracelet for men women

Smart bluetooth watch phone:
1: support network connection GSM850 four band, 900/1800/1900 MHz (GPRS)
2: support watch phone native dial-up, at the same time, support bluetooth smart phones
3: flat panel design, support handwritten touch screen function
4: bluetooth dialer, when the bluetooth connection, can be on the watch dial telephone number anytime and anywhere
5: synchronous smartphones phone book, need not pay the smartphone can watch query or make a phone call;
6: synchronous calls ring, when the phone, watch will ring or vibrate to remind, and display the caller phone number, do not need to take a smartphone, you can watch on, so don't miss a call.
7: prevent loss of function, when the smart phone away, more than 10 meters, watch will ring or vibrate to remind you, never worry about missing mobile phone;
8: text synchronization, as long as you install apps in android smartphone when text messages to remind and see at the watch.
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