"Erics biggest firesale ever"


In case you haven't yet seen the Retirement Firesale that Eric created for his friend, you need to see this:

See his biggest firesale ever here

Perhaps you've heard about it, but haven't yet taken the time to look at what all is included...

This is such a massive collection of products... most of them have their own sales pages, so there's no way I could adequately explain all of them in this one email. But here's a list of their titles.

You'll get all of these WITH RIGHTS...

2 Minute Membership Sites
6 in 6 Course
7 Ways To Make Fast Cash Online
Advanced Email Marketing Course
Carefully Crafted Emails
CD Automator
ClickBank Message Sets
Crazy Money Video
DM AutoPilot Workshop
Easy Certified Copyright Searches
Easy Money Transcript
Ebay Secrets Revealed
Electronic Publishing Profits
Email Marketing Special Report
Fail As Fast As Possible
Getting Started Online Audio
Info Master Course
Internet Brainstorms Audio
I Want My CD
Kick In The Butt Email Series
Legal Way To Print Money Audio
Masters Of Copywriting
Mind Method Course
Mind Reading For Fun And Profit
Newsletter Archives
One Secret That Could Make You Rich
Online Business Success Secrets Audio
Turning Content Into Cash
Unstuck Online Seminar
You Can Make Your Living Online
Market X-Factor
Trading Pro System
Winning Trade System
Wycoff’s Trading Secrets

Since I don't have the time or space to describe every one of those 35 products (although you WILL see a full tour of the files in the video, if you watch the whole thing), I'd like to talk about just ONE of the best products in this package to illustrate how valuable these produces are.

The "6-in-6 Course" is a massive course teaching how to create a six figure business in six months.

It actually includes a full 6 months of content. It contains a video lesson for every weekday for those 6 months (183 videos total!). Each and every one of those were created by Dave, not outsourced. Plus it comes with templates and other materials.

Check it out here:


All in all, there is over 17 GIGABYTES of material in this package (His biggest firesale ever by a long shot!), all of it with rights.

Just don't delay, because I will be taking it down forever on October 31st.

Have a great day!
Bill Gary
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