What if?

My name is Dave Saunders and I would like to take a little bit of your time. These few minutes could change your life for the better forever.
I am 61 years and enjoying the best health of my life, I feel fitter and stronger and it is mainly because I recently joined a company called Total Life Changes (TLC). Their natural products have literally changed my life, I am healthier and also earning a good income from selling these products to people who are health conscious like myself.
I want to share my experiences of being with TLC with you, hence the reason I am sending you this email.
I am sure you are really enjoying your present business and lifestyle, but what if:-
1. I could show you a way to earn a second income or extra money
2. I could show you how to get your share of a trillion dollar industry
3. I could show you how to get it for free
4. I could show you how to live healthier
5. I could show you how to use your mobile/cell phone, laptop. iPad, tablet to make money
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