12 and 24

Results speak louder than words
• Best testimonial site or
• Billions of cups of coffee are consumer around the world
• Coffee is social do you ever hear someone say "let's go and meet for glass of water"
• Or do we say "let's get together for a coffee" even if you’re one of the minority and don't drink
coffee we say "lets meet for coffee"
• Compensation plan is a hybrid plan
• It's a Unilevel built into a Binary
• While the Binary builds over time the plan is designed to reward people during the building
• 40% Fast Start Bonus
• Legacy Coded Bonus with a 3 person pass up
• 7 level check match and the first 4 at the entry Ruby level
• 20% dual team payout, the highest in the Industry
• Income throughout the plan
• Once the Dual teams are established we pay out as high as $100,000 per week in that one income
stream alone ...highest in the Industry!
• Car programs and Bonus pool
• .54 cents of every dollar is paid pack to the field
• During the year 2015 - every month we grew in double digits
• Dec 2015 $597,000 volume
• Jan 2016 $815,000 volume
• Going to have our first Million Dollar month
• Timing is always a factor of numbers
• The more distributors the higher the volume and the more people have heard about it the less of
an opportunity to be first.
• Some companies have 500,000 to a million Distributors wait till you hear where we are at.....
Why Our Team at Valentus?
• In our company there are 17 Diamonds/14 Diamonds are on our team
• There are 8500 people in our company
• 7200 are within our team
• People ask why do we have such growth because our team has
• Systems and Leadership - one example is
• 12in24 is a system designed and given to our team
• This gives people a track to run on - a blue print to build a business for success
• Every successful franchise has a blueprint for success
• 2/3 of the 8500 are customers with retention and reorders authenticating our business model
• Our team Leaders like – Bill MacMunn and Donna Farrell; and our own Triple Diamond Ted
Wilson who has proven to be an Industry Leader with over a decade of experience taking
companies to the top from a Field Leader and Corporate involvement position.
• Ted has a Degree in nutrition and Masters in Kinesiology. We are partnered with the best
• When you partner you always want to partner with a winning team - that's this team
• Timing is perfect right now; if your hearing about it now and you live in Wisconsin, you are
first; live in Toronto you are first, you live in Chicago you are first!
• You have the opportunity regardless of your background or experience to create something
significant, something that is going to create legacy for families around the world as we take this
company to the different places around the world.
• Place your handprint on the foundation of something great...join us here we welcome you as we
link arms and change one life at a time around the world.

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