Golden Truck Driving Jobs

Date9/9/2016 9:24:17 PM
PriceUSD 40.00
There is a percentage of the trucking industry counting on you to make some of these mistakes so they can stay in business and grow.

The US Dept of Labor says the “average” truck driver makes $37,000.00 per year. I spent the last 4 years working in a sector of the trucking business where the drivers were paid more than $100,000.00 per year. This sector is hiring and will probably blow up in the next couple of years.
The demand for commercial drivers, with a few specialized skills, will probably force several sectors to push the pay scale through the “roof” to acquire, and keep enough drivers to meet their customer’s demands.

The American middle-class has been losing jobs, paychecks, and employment for 4 decades. Right now there is an amazing opportunity for you to grab a top paying blue-collar job, at the top of the”New American Economy.

Big American business is in panic mode over a problem they have named “the great crew change”. It is something on the horizon that is going to drain the labor pool in America.
It’s is going to have a crippling effect on big business ability to compete and grow.
The problem is going to “lay waste” to both the skilled and unskilled labor force in some key sectors of the American economy.
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