A Guide To The World Of Money

I want to share with you a true story. My younger brother’s best friend was an average guy. He worked at a home-repair business and was making a living. Nothing great, but he made ends meat.

This guy, we’ll call him Jack for the purpose of this story, used to fill a lottery ticket every week, and just like everyone else, he would never win. The lottery was just another money pit that sucked up more of his cash.

One day, Jack filled out his usual numbers in the lottery and went to put up some drywall at work. He actually missed that evening the notification of the winning numbers.

The next morning he came to work as usual, but his friends who knew what his lucky numbers were, urged him to check if he had won.

Jack looked it up with disbelief, but to his utter amazement, he discovered that he had just won 5 million dollars!!!

Jack was stunned. He went to pick his check and felt completely dazed and confused. He came home and told his wife, not believing his own words, that they had won 5 million dollars.

That was it. They were set for life. This was a total game changer.
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