10 Fat Habits Destroying Your Diet

Date10/17/2016 5:40:34 PM
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They talk about the first fat habit—they call these things “fat habits,” which I think is interesting. The first one is: overdoing diet foods and beverages. I’m not going to go into reading every single one of these, but what I’ll do is give my perspective just after reading the quick snippet. Overdoing diet foods and beverages; I would totally agree with this because, let’s look at diet sodas. Diet sodas are loaded with artificial sweeteners.

iet sodas, diet beverages, diet foods, it’s all garbage. It really, really is. It aggravates me when I see people relying on Diet Coke and other nonsense in thinking they’re doing their body a good thing. They think, I’m going to drink Diet Coke, so I’m not going to drink as much sugar; therefore, I’m going to lose weight.
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