Should I Do a Paleo Challenge?

Date10/20/2016 3:02:08 PM
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Maybe there’s one going on at your gym. Or maybe your friends are all doing one and they want to rope you in. Or maybe you’re just hunting around for ways to pull yourself out of a Paleo slump or get back on track after a detour or kick-start your progress, and someone suggests it: a Paleo challenge.

The Paleo Restart is one example – 30 days of meal plans, shopping lists, and daily support – but there are a bunch of Paleo and Paleo-ish challenges out there. People who love them bill them as a motivational kick-start, but isn’t a 21-day (or 28-day, or 30-day, or whatever) challenge just a temporary band-aid that won’t help you actually develop healthy habits in the long run? What happens when the challenge is done? Won’t you just go back to your old habits without making permanent changes?

Maybe, maybe not. It depends on you. Paleo challenges aren’t good or bad; it’s all in how you use them. The deciding factor is you – here are some suggestions for deciding whether or not a Paleo challenge or a similar program is the best thing you could be doing right now.

A Paleo challenge can be great, if you’re ready to take it on in the right spirit and make the most of it. But challenges also have a dark side, especially if they’re the only way you know how to keep yourself in control. If you’re stuck in a challenge-binge-challenge cycle, the answer is not another challenge.

So is a challenge right for you? Possibly! At the right time, done for the right reasons, a Paleo challenge can be great. But take a hard look at your motivation and your personal diet history before you jump in.
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